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Albion: The sweetest strawberries around! Bright red and large these berries are not only sweet but juicy as well.



Duke: The first blueberries to arrive in the season, these berries are large and sweet for taste. 

Blue Gold: The second variety to start, it overlaps with the dukes. These berries are just slightly smaller but much sweeter. 

Blue Crop: The last variety we have for the summer berry season, these are small, sweet but also a bit of tart.

Liberty: These large super sweet berries are our late season berries, planted to extend our fresh blueberry season until late September. 



Squamish: The first to arrive, this variety is small but also the

sweetest. It is also the most fragile to pick and maintain.


Chemainus: These will overlap with Squamish, they are also very sweet, with a touch of sour. These berries are firmer and easier to pick than the Squamish variety! 

Cascade Delight: the best for last, these raspberries arrive last in the season. They are firm to making picking easy and sweet for taste.

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